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Website and e-mail hosting for companies includes three things: 1- The company’s name on the Internet, 2- Official e-mails with the name of the company, 3- File storage space. The hosting has a control panel for the site called Cpanel, and for emails, a control panel called a Webmail that the customer gets when contracting with us.

To create a new e-mail for the first time, this is done through the Cpanel hosting control panel, through which emails and passwords are created and then opened through the Web Webmail mail directly, but in the event that you want to open the e-mail through Outlook, there is an explanation for it. To create a new email, the cPanel is opened by adding at the end of your website link the sign / then cpanel, like the following example with changing the link with the name of your site:

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Within the cpanel control panel, you will be moved to the email section, then you will find that inside it is everything related to email from multiple features that meet all your company needs.
The main feature is Email Accounts, through which new e-mails are created, as well as viewing current e-mails and changing passwords, disabling any of them for employees, and there is also another feature that you may need often called Email Forwarders, which helps you direct more than one e-mail you have directing a copy of it to one specific e-mail you receive it All e-mails sent to employees are from one e-mail.
  • cpanel link:
  • webmail link:

After entering the Cpanel hosting control panel, and after navigating to Emails and then entering Email Accounts, on the right you will find the word Create, click on it, then in Username, the name of the required email is written, for example, type the word contact, where most companies use this name as a popular default email in its pronunciation and writing Easily.

You can also create an unlimited number of emails for each employee, either in his position, for example: sales or his first and last name with a period as a separator in the personal name. Example: Ahmed.Adel Then automatically you will find that the completion is the name of your company’s website and we recommend making an e-mail in the name of the position for the name of the person as the position is always fixed and does not change, unlike the employee may change at any time and therefore do not lose the transactions that took place on the e-mail and another employee comes to complete the work on the same e-mail .

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